Collection: Bar Soaps

We have several different kinds of soap: Goat Milk, Oatmeal and Specialty. Goat Milk soap is the most popular. All our soaps are great for moisturizing skin. Oatmeal soap has actual oat flakes for an extra exfoliating scrub (and the vanilla scent smells like oatmeal cookies fresh from the oven). Goat Milk feels extra luxurious on your skin.

Most Popular Soap:

Goat Milk - Scent: Lavender


Specialty Soaps:

We are always coming up with specialty soaps some include exfoliating scrub in the soap some are a blend. Check them out. Most specialty soaps are goat milk base.

Coffee Scrub soap - includes real coffee grounds for exfoliating.

Milk and Honey - includes goat milk soap mixed with crystal honey soap shavings.

More will be added all the time.