Our Little Family

Tinselwood Farm is our adventure on 30 acres. We purchased the property just over a year ago and we started making plans. The acres are partially wooded and in the winter they glisten like tinsel on a tree.

We are always making plans, last summer Tyler cleaned out our old coop and this year we got baby chicks and ducks. He also built a run (we can't do free range cause of our dogs). The chickens and ducks are just getting used to it.

Braxton, Penny + 1

Braxton loves the chickens. He follows them around and sometimes they let him pet them. He drives around his tractor most of the time and throws sticks for the dogs to chase. He's always laughing when he's outside. He absolutely loves the farm which is exactly why we moved here.

Penny is still a little too small to enjoy the outdoors (it's been too windy for her). But i'm sure she'll be chasing Braxton soon enough.

Baby #3 due Oct 19th!!

About Us


Last fall I had the crazy idea of planting an apple orchard, and this spring Tyler got started on that as well. He's making a great place for our kids to grow up.