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Craft Shows, Markets, Festivals and the list goes on. We generally look the same though. We love doing shows, from far away or locally, seeing our regular customers and introducing new people to our products is the best part of what we do.


I always get tons of compliments on our booths so I thought I'd share photos with everyone so if you haven't seen our booth you can now. Also I hope our little booth can inspire other vendors when they are entering the world of craft shows and markets. (I know I looked at a lot of other booths before deciding how we would set up ours.)

Our First Show - Clara City Spring Craft Show 2022

For our first show I already had a pretty good idea of what our booth would look like. We purchased a bunch of crates and set them up. It worked out great! However our booth was a little small for the amount of people we had coming in and out. You could barely turn around in the booth, so we decided to go big or go home.

St Cloud Spring Fever Show 2022

This show was a pretty slow one - it was the first nice day out for the year. But it was a good practice run for a larger booth. As we found out spring shows tend to be a little slower, but our booth still turned out great and was very eye catching. We even had other vendors compliment us on our booth skills #boothgoals was the theme from others.

Summer Peony Market 2022

This was our best show to date (we only have done 4 so far). But still it was amazing - BIG shout out to Tara for telling us about it and all the ladies at White Peony for putting together such an excellent Market. This is pretty much what our booth will look like from here on out with some minor tweeks. Also i have some plans for our Fall/Winter booths that hopefully look awesome!

Dawson Riverfest Craft, Art and Flea Market 2022

I didn't take photos - I'm not sure what I was thinking, I do have a highlight on Instagram, but that's about it. The booth was set up pretty much the same as at Peony Market. This was a very inexpensive show to be part of so I didn't have high hopes for it to be good. I'm really not sure why I had such low expectations, we really just wanted to get our name out in the local area. But it turned out really great! And we met a bunch of local Dawsonites... Dawsonians... whatever Dawson peeps are called. This really taught us a good lesson that you really never know how things are going to go until you do them. And we look forward to going next year again! (Maybe I'll remember to take some pictures).

Booth Must Haves

There are a few things that I bring along to add a little extra to our booth. Some of this list are optional some are can't do business without.

Square Reader

Or any credit card payment processing system. I like Square, there is a percentage charge but no other fees. Also we just signed up for Venmo. In today's world multiple ways to pay have become a must.


Some people hate rugs, I love them. They can be a tripping hazard so make sure people don't trip. But it's nice in outdoor shows to not stand in the grass or gravel parking lot. We put them down first and pile all our stuff on them as we set up, this flattens them so we don't usually have issues.


Business cards my be old fashioned, but people ask for them all the time so it is good to have some on hand when someone asks. We put one in each bag when someone buys something and we have them sitting around the booth so anyone can grab one.

QR Codes

Have some signs with a QR code to your Facebook page, website, Instagram. People can follow you right away so you can stay relevant. Also you can have an email sign up list for people to keep in touch that way.

Odds and Ends

Scissors, twine, snacks and pens. You don't know what you'll need so make sure you have a little kit of things that you just might need.


You can have a sign made pretty cheaply on Vistaprint. Have them made with your business cards, many times you can get discounts.

Thanks for stopping by

Thanks for reading about our booth and some of the things you might need if you decide to become a vendor yourself. Make sure you sign up for our email list to stay up to date with our latest posts and products.


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